Villa Tittoni Traversi (Desio, MB), a Piermarini’s neoclassic jewel, is turned into an en plain air theater for a unique event that combines symphonic music with architectural video projections, offering a new way to knowing and living both classical music, and moving image. Beethoven’s visionary compositions come to life, illuminating and animating the front of Villa through audiovisual 3D Mapping technique. In the frame of this new interpretation of Beethoven: the Senzaspine Orchestra from Bologna, directed by Andrea Albertin, performs the Coriolano (ouverture) and Symphony n. 5, while International artists, Deltaprocess, Paradigme, Luis Sanz and Vargasz, shape the music, creating an impressive visual imagery.

SCL role

In such frame Screencity Lab organizes a public talk scheduled on sept. 27 2014. Kernel Platform art director Marcello Arosio, music director Andrea Albertin, and the selected artists will be part of the round table chaired by Miriam De Rosa.

SCL representative

Miriam De Rosa


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