Kernel Festival

AreaOdeon is a reality specialized in culture events production and Audiovisual 3D mapping shows; after the last successful experience of 2013, the 2014 edition is entitled Kernel Theater_Envision Beethoven.

Temporary Urban Screen @Waterpieces Festival - Riga, Latvia 15­-17 August 2014

Screencity Lab in collaboration with Interactionfield organized two temporary urban screenings in the context of Waterpieces Festival (Riga, Latvia 15-17 August 2014) that coincides with the Riga City Festival 2014 (in the program of Riga 2014 - European Capital of Culture).

28 is a story which results accessible exclusively by following the story of real characters on a smart phone screen browsed through an augmented reality browser. 28 is a cyber-noir story in which a mutant hypnotist investigates a mysterious murder, in a scenario which recall both Lewis Carroll and William S. Burroughs.

WW1 is an editorial platform that addresses the public through a wide interactive map of the War Front containing many so far unpublished contents: 360° interactive and immersive panoramas, emotionally involving videos, certified historical documents like the Golden Book (“Albo d’Oro”), the Army’s official reports on the Great War, the reconstruction of forts and trenches, etc.

Piano Verde

Piano Verde is a group of neighbours who wants to activate a pilot project to make their city more livable and to improve the climate and air quality through urban greenery, starting from the garage roof set in their courtyard.

Piano Verde wants to transform the roof into a common green space, facilitating a collective vegetable garden, feasts with harvested fruits and makers labs, with the aim to bringing together old and young people.

Corona Verde is a project created by the Regione Piemonte which concerns the metropolitan and hill area of Turin together with other 93 Piedmontese districts.
Corona Verde is going to realize a green infrastructure that integrates the Corona di Delitie formed by the Savoia's Real Residences with the natural patrimony. The projects includes metropolitan parks, rivers, rural uncorrupted areas, in order to requalify the metropolitan area and improve the quality of life.

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