Miriam De Rosa earned a PhD in Cultures of Communication (L-Art 06) at the Catholic University of Milan in 2011. Her research focuses on contemporary forms of cinema, with particular regard to the relationship among subject, space and filmic device. Objects of her studies range from visual arts to media platforms and live cinema performances. On this issues she wrote diverse essays collected in Italian and international anthologies, and the volume Cinema e postmedia. I territori del filmico nel contemporaneo (2013). She currently collaborates with the Department of Media and Performing Arts of the same university, holding the seminar in Audiovisual Cultures, and as assistant lecturer for the classes of Communication Pragmatics and Cultural History of Audiovisual Media.

Miriam is secretaire générale of IMACS, a member of NECS (European Network of Cinema and Media Studies) Publication Committee, and works as independent curator for exhibitions and festivals. More info about her projects and her full bibliography list are available at miriamderosa.com.

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