As the largest architectural firm in New York, Perkins Eastman welcomed the opportunity to provide a New York City landmark institution with an iconic and permanent home. The new Booth, a discount outlet for same-day tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, is divided into two independent portions: the glass shell and structural supports, and the booth itself. While the structure evokes a delicate elegance, the complexity of the design and construction is awe-inspiring. Navigating construction amidst the congestion synonymous with Times Square is a logistical nightmare. To ease any potential impact on the project, and to expedite construction, the mechanical system, and the body of the both were prefabricated, skid mounted, and dropped into position in a matter of hours. A geothermal system of five wells located 450 feet below Times Square, delivers a solution of chilled or heated water/glycol to radiant panels as well as supports the air-handling unit for the interior of the structure. The air handling system includes high efficiency filtration to improve indoor air quality for the occupants in the ticket booth and maintain a clean interior by reducing dust accumulation on the interior surfaces.
Triple-laminated heat-strengthened glass treads fabricated in Austria are illuminated by red LED lights housed below the treads. The treads are staggered and span several stringers thus providing lateral bracing for the structure. The red glass risers are removable for service access to the lights. The steps terminate in a large cantilevered canopy that protects the ticket buyers.
Perkins Eastman’s design was inspired by the winner of an international ideas competition, Australian-based architectural firm Choi Ropiha. The design and construction team members also include: Dewhurst Macfarlane and Partners; Schaefer Lewis Engineers; DMJM Harris; D. Haller, Inc.; iG Innovation Glass; David Shuldiner, Inc.; and Merrifield-Roberts. New York-based Williams Fellows Architects designed the plaza.

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