The pavement is treated as an element of fluency with luminescent inlays, which are spread over the whole square and evoke old water tracks reminiscent, finding the Torico fountain at its point of inflexion. At the same time, this fluid arrangement is regularized and its distribution is ordered to address the location of the ark and the water reservoir underneath. The floor luminescent inlays have been created with the use of colour changing RGB LED lines. This LED linear fixture has been designed especially for this project, leading to the achievement of its specific luminous and functional needs. Through the use of a video software it is possible to control both the LED inlays and the lighting for the façades and urban spaces, in accordance with the programming and the artistic content chosen for each occasion. 1400 pixels lighting textures and rhythms were created, generating a dynamic lighting project.
In order to achieve an adequate luminous sensation for this square, a special environment was created through the use of light, in which the luminescent inlays acquire a normal role, surrounded by the lit façades and the portals upper plans. The plaza lighting is reduced to the façades vertical plan that suddenly becomes the horizontal plan that protects the portals. The lighting for the portals was solved with the use of cylindrical LED luminaries, hidden in roof´s details.
Remarkable buildings receive a special lighting treatment, being lit upwards in order to emphasize their architectural details.

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