The Energy Orchard is a tree top installation in the park, showing a future where bioengineered trees provide energy for the city. Part of it consists of Tree Skins, reflecting the ambient light in various geometrical patterns. At night it is also possible to admire two animated light sculptures, the Tree Lungs, electronically controlled to show the breathing through multicoloured patterns that depend on the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.
A temporary pavilion at La Gare Saint Sauveur is hosting the Living Energy Laboratory, ongoing experiments and demonstrations with a series of workshops for the public and school groups. The Algae Curtain is an algae photobioreactor shaped as curtain, showing how people could produce biofuel at home thanks to a plant integrated with the architecture: living microalgae are pumped through a textile made of woven transparent tubes, so that their flow is visible as a dynamic pattern in front of the window. The Future Fruits, instead, are hanging from the ceiling and are filled with bioluminescent and energy producing organisms to provide both light and fuel for the building.

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