In the historical centre of Teruel, Spain, b720 arquitectos’ new design for the Plaza del Torico aims to accentuate the centuries-old urban fabric while also making the refurbished square an asset in its own right. The lighting concept by the Barcelona-based lighting design firm Artec3 is based on the idea of enhancing the perception of perspective, direction and linearity given by its own spatial configuration and reinforced by the differences existing along the ground levels.

Balance-Unbalance International Conference UNESCO Noosa Biosphere Reserve Sunshine Coast Australia.
Balance-Unbalance is an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.

David Keochkerian uses a slow shutter camera speed to capture moving lights that burn wildly into the frame. While the shutter is open, the subject spins steel wool in a circle while sparks fly in all directions, creating a wild glowing ball of fire.

Chromoland. Architectural color and light design – Pietro Zennaro
Facciate metalliche – Alessandro Premier
Schermi urbani. Tecnologia e innovazione, nuovi sistemi per le facciate mediatiche – Katia Gasparini
Screen City – Simone Arcagni
Superfici dinamiche. Le schermature mobili nel progetto di architettura – Alessandro Premier

2nd Edition of the Archizinc Campus competition: Sustainable building at the core of architecture VMZINC® is launching the second edition of its biannual Archizinc Campus competition. This year’s challenge is the creation of a culinary complex.

The arts festival Fantastic 2012 called EnergyFutures runs in Lille from 06 October 2012 to 13 January 2013. It is produced by the French cultural arts organisation Lille3000 and is in partnership with the energy company EDF.  With installations and workshops, the Loop.pH design studio is making people visualise their energy patterns for a behavioral change towards a positive transformation of the city. The installations are located at La Gare Saint Sauveur and in the park nearby.

The VIII Color Conference is the annual meeting of the members of Gruppo del Colore (Italian Color Group). This year it was held at the Faculty of Engineering of Bologna University.
Aim of the Conference is to facilitate the aggregation of interdisciplinary Italian realities dealing with the color and light from a scientific and/or professional point of view. The Conference collected the contributions of researchers from different disciplines such as architecture, design, psychology, engineering, education, etc.

Screens, nets and informational streams colonialize and invade contemporary cities.
Screencity presents and reviewes some of the most innovative, digital and futuristic, technological and medial applications, prototypes and experiments, devoted to architecture and urban study to create a new approach to the notion of Smart City in Europe from a digital and environmental point of view.

EMERGENZA - human polyphonies for digital-analog cities

Emergenza” is a project by ArtisOpenSource (AOS) presented at the Internet Festival (4-7 october, Pisa – Italy). Read the presentation… Our planet is a continuous conversation between people, information systems, sensors, digital ecosystems, social networks, objects, natural ecosystems, processes and organizations who use ubiquitous technologies to read and write their points of view on the world, under the form of content, data, information, and to freely recombine them, associate, aggregate and use them, to produce knowledge, wisdom and economies.

Look at this project! It joins together a screen for cinematic projections and a place to host the viewers in an immersive experience.
“Cinema³ is about developing alternative strategies for screening films, moving towards a more spatial movie experience and away from the classic typology of a single screen with seated audience.

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