The festival will involve artists from all around Europe to explore connections between visible and invisible cities through art and multimedia languages. The art works will act directly on physical spaces transforming them in active, significant elements able to tell stories and transmit emotions. The new technologies will offer a variety of approaches to research what does not appear visible within the cities, their histories and the many stories of the different communities, the social and economic relations among their inhabitants. The artworks will also explore the human ability to imagine and to plan for the future.

During the 5 days of the festival, besides installations, live performance and shows, it will possible to attend different workshops:

  • Dreamstate – The invisible in four dimensions with RTView, Saul Clemente, Alessandro Passoni (11-12 June 7 - Mediateca Gorizia)
  • Exercises in urban reconnaissance. A reflection about the city on the move with Ogino Knauss, Lorenzo Tripodi and Manuela Conti (4-6 June - Meeting Point Mediateca Gorizia)
  • Trieste Soundscape Project with AIPS, Francesco Giannico, Alessio Ballerini, Nicola di Croce (2-3 June - Piazza Cavana, Trieste)
  • Performing Media Storytelling with Carlo Infante and Simone Pacini (3-5 June - Location tbd)
  • Performing multimedia: interaction techniques between body, space and virtual elements with Martin Romeo (3-4 June - Trgovski Dom, Gorizia)

For more info about applications deadline, costs and further details, consult the website:

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