STRP Biennial

On March 20th, the doors of the Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, NL, are opened wide for a new edition of the STRP Biennial, one of the major art and technology events in Europe. For 10 days the four large industrial halls are filled with monumental installations, cutting edge music, spectacular performances and an international conference, for everyone interested in real virtuality.


This edition of the prestigious STRP Biennial focuses on the omnipresence of screens nowadays. SCREEN ON | NO SCREEN is the mirroring title of the expo. It consists of works that are fully screen based and online, and  works that, while digital in nature, seem to break through the screens. "Screens are everywhere nowadays, but seldom do we halt and think about how we use them, and what they mean for our culture. We shape our tools, and than they shape us, is a famous saying when it comes to the ever-increasing flight of technology. We want to explore this a bit more this edition,” says STRP director Angelique Spaninks.

Artists of whom the Biennial presents new, or never before seen work in the Netherlands, are, amongst others, Robert Henke, Rafaël Rozendaal, Zimoun, Joanie Lemercier, Kimchi & Chips, Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet and Kyle McDonald, but also talents like Bram Snijders, Goof Kloosterman and Dries Depoorter. Besides the expo, a diverse array of internationally acclaimed music artists will take the stage. For the STRP Dance Night on March 21st, these include Kaytranada, The Gaslamp Killer, Actress and Boddika, but also Objekt, Karenn, Clark and ZES.

On March 27, Underworld are performing their sold-out spectacle dubnobasswithmyheadman, while local pioneers Albert van Abbe, Robob and Lady Aïda will play before and after the show. To complete the STRP Biennial programme, on Thursday March 26, the Conference for the Curious takes place. It dives deeper into the theme and the idea of the Society of the Screen, with speakers like curator and cultural critic Francesca Gavin, and artists Rafaël Rozendaal, Jonathan Puckey and Kyle McDonald. And in the weekend of March 28 and 29 live performances will take place by Adrien M/ Claire B, fuse*, Katja Heitmann and the international performance-in-progress project Transcranial.

Tickets are for sale through, and (if not sold-out) at the door of the Klokgebouw during the STRP Biennial.

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