On November 19-22 Aarhus, Denmark will host world's premier media architecture event, where architects, designers and artists will discuss media architecture of the future and the changes it will bring to people's life and their surroundings. Media architecture is gaining increasing relevance, pervading cities and landscapes and changing people's contemporary conception and perception of our surrounding spaces.

A rich exhibition will present the best examples of media architecture by designers and creators coming from all over the world. Many conferences and workshops will become the playground for experts, architects, designers and public to imagine new intersections of media and built environment who will imagine upcoming perspectives for shopping malls, way finding, billboards, etc.

Many representatives, academics and experts from all over the world will bring their own experience to contribute to this event, exchange ideas and envision the future together.

The Media Architecture Biennale 2014 takes place at Godsbanen in Aarhus on November 20-22, preceded by a pre-event at Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen on November 19.


Stefania Vulpi


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