Screencity Lab @ Prix Italia Panel “Street Art Stories”

Screencity Lab will take part in the Prix Italia panel "Street Art Stories" with the presence of "City as Context" program co-curator Mirjam Struppek (Interactionfield).

Here below the detailed description of the panel.

From 09:00 to 13:00 - RAI, Museo della Radio e TV (Museum Hall), via Verdi n°16, Torino

PRIX ITALIA LABORATORY: "Street Art Stories. The Web's Public Sphere, walls that speak and transmedia narration. Experiences and observations from London, Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Torino". In the Chair: Nicoletta Jacobacci, EBU & TedXTransmedia. With: Ilaria Hoppe, Institute of Art and Visual History, Humboldt-Univesität of Berlin; Hugo Kaagman, Dutch Street Artist Pioneer; Christian Omodeo, Founder of "Le Grand Jeu"; Pedro Soares Neves, organiser of the "Urban Creativity Conference, Portugal; Amit Sood, Head of Google Cultural Institute and Founder of Google Art Project; Mirjam Struppek, an expert in Urban Media and curator of the projects called "Interactive Art in Public Space" and "City as Context", a video program specifically made for urban screens, presented at Prix Italia Village. Taking part XEL, a Torino Street Artist who is to unveil the work commissiond by Prix Italia -- The session opens with an analytical description of the Google Cultural Institute's Street Art Project as an example of planning, technological and communication quality. Discussion, together with academics and critics of the new world of communications, is set to focus on the possibility language contamination between the Web and Street Art. The Web offers various possibilities of developing independent narration, personalized exploration and building user-generated content. Can the Street Art phenomenon, by nature constantly changing and exposed to in-put, interpretation and ever-changing shifting courses, find a natural "virtual home" on the Web? In what form? What limits? What kind of potentiality?


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