This year's fourth edition of Toolkit Festival will bring to Venice some of the most interesting examples of interactive contemporary art, presenting in three days incredible experiences developed at the intersection between art, performance, music and technology, interaction and new medias.

Within its program the festival presents three exciting workshops that will explore multimediality and new technologies applied in contemporary art, dance theatre performances and music. The workshops are held by three important Italian names in experimental contemporary art: Martin Romeo, Luca Pozzi and Andrea Santini.

Martin Romeo focuses on the process of starting and developing a project in order to produce and realize an art piece. The workshop combines the use of new tools such as body-tracking, video-mapping and interactive scenography together with the practical aspects that hold a theatre show or an installation together, working on the combination of body, movement, image and music.

In his workshop Luca Pozzi explores some fascinating aspecting of physics, such as Quantistic Gravity, Electrodynamics, Loop Quantum Gravity. The goal is to give the basis to image new environments beyond the classic conception of the universe as we know it, with the support of augmented reality in which the classic idea of space and time can be totally re-designed.

For the lovers of music and sound design Andrea Santini presents a workshop which explores new uses of sound technologies. The participants will be focussing on re-inventing sound, with the use of the audio-programming software Pure Data, which allows to program of instruments, apps and systems for interactive sound design. This process expands the possibilities of playing music and creating sound in countless new exciting ways, for examples using body movements or external objects and sensors.

The workshop will take place on September 26-27-28 (11 a.m. - 18 p.m.) in Venice. The price is 100€ per workshop, with a maximum of 10 participants per workshop. The subscription deadline is September 22 2014.

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