In 2014 selected art pieces of the festival section "Neighbourhood Projections – Screen Passage" will go on tour to different places around the globe such as Berlin, Riga, Ceresole Reale, Aarhus and Melbourne. The aim is to explore the effect of our art screenings in diverse public contexts and surroundings.

The third stop will be in Ceresole Reale (Casa Rivetti - Fraz. Borgiallo).

August 23rd, 24th, 30th,31st | 19:30h-22:30h | Casa Rivetti
Vernissage: 23 August – 19:30 h

In collaboration with the Rivetti family we turn two windows of their holiday house in the woods for 3 hours in the evening into screens and invite the public to pass by and enjoy with us the artscreening on the large balcony.For Ceresole Reale we have chosen to show our program "Borders and Migration" and the video Evighetens Avkom of the program "Imaginary Landscapes", creating a confrontation between a wild panorama of remote landscapes and the theme of migration. Migration is a wide topic that can be seen from various angles. With our screening in Ceresole Reale we would like to raise the question of what migration means in places in the mountains. Here animals follow their own cycle of migration since ages. Young people however recently are leaving their home villages, choosing life in a big city. In return people temporarily migrate to the mountains to escape the unbearable heat of the urban space so in summer Ceresole Reale becomes alive. Finally all is intertwined with a global movement of people of different race.

In collaboration with the Comune di Ceresole Reale and with the support of Chalet del Lago.



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