16 August, 22:00 Kronvalda Park - Riga

A collection of shorts (video art, animation, live action) in which the city acts not just as a background but as a character in the story. The purpose is to show how the urban environment that surrounds us plays an important role in our way of life and shapes our thinking and perception.

The city landscape shapes human activities, facilitating or limiting them. The screening starts with a privileged point of view on Shanghai human anthill, where a camera is zooming in and out from the 34th floor of a residential complex. Every space and building has its own function and citizens seem perfectly inserted in this fixed grid (Brillant City). On the contrary, three deserted modernist buildings in Jerusalem become the theater for athletic workouts. The athletes' repetitive movements intertwine with their improbable surroundings, changing the buildings functions for their specific needs (Jerusalem Trilogy). Without the human presence and intervention, the urban landscape is losing the purpose of its existence, becoming a hostile habitat for other living creatures, where time is perceived only on small things like trees waving or a walking dog (Panopticon). Human intervention could act on a surface layer, with graffiti that modify the perception of the already existing buildings, re-animating our surroundings (Alienation); or through imagination, creating a subterranean colourful world of fascinating creatures under a depressing gray city (Waterwalls). But cities aren't just spaces or buildings, but above all the people that live in it. The screening ends with two interview-based shorts that are revealing two particular points of view on the city, taxi drivers and people with unconventional housing.

Here the program:

1) D-Fuse | Brilliant City

2) Samantha Adler de Oliveira | Jerusalem Trilogy

3) Ignacio Masllorens | Panopticon

4) Silvia Carpizo | Alienation

5) Francesca Macciò and Francesca Quatraro | Waterwalls

6) Daniele Baiardini, Giulia Sara Bellunato, Mauro Ciocia, Clyo Parecchini | Sottocasa - on my doorstep

7) D-Fuse | Brief Encounters / By the Meter

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