Screencity Lab in collaboration with Interactionfield is organizing two temporary urban screenings in the context of Waterpieces Festival(Riga, Latvia 15-17 August 2014) that coincides with the Riga City Festival 2014 (in the program of Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture).

Many distinguished institutions, such as Streaming Museum (New York), Screencity Festival (Norway), Paf Festival of Film Animation (Czech Republic), and others, have already confirmed participation with their work. What will be offered in this screening are works that have already been shown on big screens in other cities, the favourites of these audiences. In addition, new works that have been chosen especially for the festival "Waterpieces" will be presented.

There are two overriding topics to be found among the screened videos: "city as context" and "city as character". The first section focuses on how urban environment acts as background for human actions, while the second section focuses on the city itself – an active character of a story, influencing our way of life, our thinking and perception.


Final Selection City as Context

1) ELASTIC Group | Codec Lossy

2) Michał Socha |  Loop

3) Ralph Kistler |  Paradiseator

4) Chris Paul Daniels |  Election/Coverage

5) ELASTIC Group  |  Subliminal Wien

6) Michel Klöfkorn  |  I ride to the edge of the atmosphere in a half hour on my bicycle

7) Rob Moonen  |  More Power to You

8) Jon Kehoe  |  City Distortions

9) Albert Merino  |  Les Baigneurs

10) Jonas Brinker  |  Thames

11) David Gaehtgens  |  Venezia

12) Ida Warholm Bjørken  |  Passing By

13) Arjen De Leeuw  |  Act

14) David Bates |  Bjork In TimesSquare

Final Selection City as a Character

1) D-Fuse  |  Brilliant City

2) Samantha Adler de Oliveira  |  Jerusalem Trilogy

3) Ignacio Masllorens  |  Panopticon

4) Silvia Carpizo  |  Alienation

5) Francesca Macciò and Francesca Quatraro  |  Waterwalls

6) Daniele Baiardini, Giulia Sara Bellunato, Mauro Ciocia, Clyo Parecchini  |  Sottocasa - on my doorstep

7) D-Fuse  |  Brief Encounters / By the Meter


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