Big Data Festival 2014


The new edition of the Big Data Festival will be held from October 13 to 17 2014. Big Data Festival is a global forum for crowd-sourced meetups, webinars, hackathons and networking events related to big data and their relationship with health, government, media, society, education, energy and more. Big Data Festival unites the big data community around the world to focus on some of the challenges and opportunities of Big Data.

The global forum and its events will converge in the Big Data Innovation Summit and Official Exhibition, taking place in London on October 16 and 17. With over 25.000 attendees, the Big Data Festival is one of the world's biggest events about digital culture: data scientists, visualizers, data architects, and miners, engineers, professors and learners will meet online and offline to discuss design, play and exchange codes and experiences.

Domenico Morreale

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