DEAF Biennale is a Festival in Rotterdam ( The Netherlands ) that promotes new relations between technology and art. It is organized in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut and _V2 (Institute for Unstable Media) This year's theme is the "Progress Trap".

The concept of "Progress Trap" highlights the fact that nowadays progress is something that is being achieved through technology everyday, but the results are often way too decoupled from the cultural, social and ecological advantages that it was supposed to bring.

The Program is rich of shows, debates, workshops, movies, performances all of them dealing with different aspects of the theme and the main guests of the opening day will be Alexa Clay, Adam Greenfield and Ronald Wright (writer of the bestseller A Short History of Progress), who coined the term "progress trap".

As homage to the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, Het Nieuwe Instituut specifically investigated relations between conflict and innovation, by presenting four projects engaging this theme, of which one developed in collaboration with DEAF 2014. The themes of other projects address different themes such as neutrality, peacekeeping and scarcity in relation to innovation and design practice.

Stefania Vulpi

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