Ryoji Ikeda at Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media


Acclaimed Japanese musician and video artist Ryoji Ikeda presents his new installation supersymmetry at Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media (YCAM) - co-produced by Le lieu unique, Scène national de Nantes. Since the beginning of his career Ikeda resulted to be one of the few artists able to combine his electronic compositions with intricate video art based on mathematics aesthetics and managing to orchestrate the whole so deftly.

His work has always been greatly influenced by his profound interest in science and data. This new project is in fact the result of his new interest in quantic theory and it's inspired by his experience at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) - the main institute for nuclear research.

The installation consists of two pieces. supersymmetry [experiment] shows the physical phenomena as they happen, before they are analysed and classified as data. supersymmetry [experience] is the overwhelming translation of the physical phenomena into complex, fast-changing data. The spectator is confronted with the complexity of science, unable to process and understand the amount of information simultaneously appearing and moving on screens and monitors. The content of both works will be constantly updated by Mr. Ikeda, in order to better represent his new scientific interests.

Stefania Vulpi

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