WW1 for Europeana Collection Day


WW1 - dentro la Grande Guerra and Centro Studi Storico Militari sulla Grande Guerra "Piero Pieri" will support Fondazione Corriere della Sera for the new EUROPEANA Italian Collection Day (18th May - Milan, Via Solferino 26/A, 10 AM- 6 PM).

In order to take part in the collection day, registration is needed (please call this number +39 02 87387707). Anyone can contribute to preserve and share family stories of the WWI period.

If you have pictures, letters, postcard, heirlooms, or other objects connected to the period from 1914 to 1918 and an interesting story to be told, you can contribute to the growth of this online archive, digitizing and sharing your own stories. The project is collecting not only materials related to the military life, but also related to everyday life during the period of the Great War.

All the materials are photographed and scanned during the same day of the collection, followed by a short interview about the stories behind these materials.

Lorenzo Gerbi


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