In 2013 Screencity Lab was one of the partecipating organizations of an important festival: Screen City Festival set in Stavanger (Norway), dedicated to the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city’s facades, shop windows and urban venues.

NeoReality is a WordPress plugin produced by AOS -- Art is Open Source and distributed under GPL3 Licence.
By using it you can transform your website into an Augmented Reality Content Management System (CMS). In a free CMS. "Free" as in "freedom".

hiWHIM, the international network of creative innovations and interactive space, has activated “Interactive Plastic Product”, a contest that aims to reward the most innovative product with a strong component of interactivity. 

The project identified as winner, by the Jury, will be developed and prototyped by hiWHIM technicians [...]

28, KOMPLEX, 2013

28, Komplex, 2013 – An augmented reality narrative experience
A movie that is accessible by following the path of the real characters on a smart phone screen using an augmented reality browser. A cyber-noir in which a mutant hypnotist investigates a mysterious murder, in a scenario that is half Lewis Carroll, half William S. Burroughs.

Solar powered media are the protagonists of the first solar art festival in the world, that is now on in the Great Lakes Bay Region in Michigan. Fall In… Art and Sol celebrates art that uses renewable energy from the sun, and therefore the installations exhibited combine architecture, design and science.

The Dancing Screens by Eleonora Nicoletti are experiments of dynamic architectural surfaces designed to shade, divide indoor or outdoor spaces and illuminate them at night while generating directly usable energy. The first real scale prototype was recently installed in the courtyard of The H Hotel in Midland (Michigan), where it is exhibited as part of the festival Fall In… Art and Sol, the first Solar Art festival in the world, until the end of October.


ag4 mediatecture company® conceives media facades for architects all over the world since 1991. The focus of their work is to create a harmonious integration of media and architecture thereby creating a link between the communication needs and the architecture of the sites.

One of the winners projects of the Media Architecture Biennale 2012 is the Lotus Dome, designed by Studio Rosegaarte.
This project wins the “Future Trends and Prototypes” award and consist in a living dome made out of hundreds smart flowers which fold open in response to human actions. The dome is located in a 17th century church in Lille and creates an interactive play of light and shadows, the aim is to get a futuristic vision of the Renaissance.

The new installation ‘Shapes of light’, placed at the entrance of the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, is an opportunity to reflect on the evolution and development of lighting technologies.  A journey through light and its meaning in art and architecture, from the words of Scheerbart, written in the early twentieth century, to new systems with low energy consumption.

Tienanmen Urbanscreen_Led screens for Tienanmen people
This is the two bright screens, 7.5 meters high by 50 meters wide, are designed for public uses in Tienanmen square _China.

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