320°Licht by Urbanscreen

From April to December 2014 the exhibition "The Appearance of Beauty" at Gasometer Oberhausen hosts the new Urbanscreen installation called 320° Licht. The installation is among the world's largest and technically most complex interior projection mappings: 21 powerful projectors, installed in Oberhausen’s massive gasometer, streams images and graphics on a 100 metre cylindrical interior wall.

The 15th edition of Live Performers Meeting (LPM) will be held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from the 26th to the 28th of June 2014. The location is LAB-1, an incubator, meeting place, open museum and stage for live music, expositions and visual performances. LPM is one of the most important international events dedicated to live video, audiovisual performances, VJ sets, live mappings, video installations and interactive media.

Filmgate Miami 2015: submissions are open

Submissions for Filmgate Interactive 2015 are now open. Filmgate Interactive will be held in Miami from the 3rd to 8th of February 2015 and it is open to both fiction and non fiction interactive story producers. Submitted projects have to be interactive or immersive or told across multiple platforms, such as web and mobile apps, games, multimedia and multiplatform stories.

Art Interaction at Temporary Museum for New Design

In the week of April 7-13 Milan hosted the Salone del Mobile, an annual event where the newest and freshest designs from all over the world are presented.

Within the intense program of events and exhibitions, Superstudio - in Via Tortona, one of the areas of the Fuori Salone - presents this year the 6th edition of the Temporary Museum for New Design - An exhibition space that promotes the importance of innovation and experimentation in the realm of design and art.

Glow Festival 2014

The second edition of the Glow Festival will be held in Ostuni from the 19th to the 21st of April 2014 and it will include, for the first time, a brand new section: indoor videomapping. The GLOW Festival is an international event focused on videomapping applied to public spaces and cultural heritage. It is aimed at improving the communication of archeology sites, museums and churches, valuing their cultural properties through innovative techniques.

Maker Faire Rome 2014

The call for the next Maker Faire – The European Edition, which will be held in Rome from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2014, is out and open until the 25th of May 2014. The Maker Faire is the most important international event dedicated to the maker culture and a place where the most interesting works made by makers are showcased.

Resonate Festival 2014

Last week Belgrade (Serbia) hosted the third edition of the Resonate Festival, a three-days event that brings together artists, designers and educators to explore the current development of technology in the fields of visual arts, music and digital culture.

TransmediaMIX: Transdisciplinary Hackathon in   a Think & Do Tank

TrasnsmediaMIX a transdisciplinary Hackathon in a Think & Do Tank.

June 14th, 15th and 18th 2014, during the Paris Digital Festival, L'IRI (Institut de recherche et d’innovation at the Centre Pompidou) will host the TransmediaMIX, a mix between a barcamp and a hackathon. The event is aimed at encouraging the cooperation of different subjects in the creation of a transmedia experience within a storyworld about changemakers in the field of education.

Cross Video Days 2014

MobilEvent launches the 5th edition of the Cross Video Days to be held on June 19th and 20th in Paris. The Cross Video Days is a unique venue bringing together producers and innovative creators, start-ups and policy makers. With more than 350 projects received from 34 countries in 2013, Cross Video Days is the first coproduction market for crossmedia programs in Europe.

Wired presents perspectives of future cities

Smart People & Smart Cities is a two days event organized by technology magazine Wired Italy which will take place on April 12 and 13 at the National Science and Technology Museum in Milan (Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia). Although two days seem to be quite a short time, Smart People & Smart Cities offers a dense program full of exciting meetings, workshops and conferences concerning future perspectives of change of urban spaces and cities.

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