Display or interaction blindness is a known problem for interactive public displays where passers-by simply ignore or pay little attention to them. While previous research created interventions that tried to address this problem or reported on differences between experiences in the lab and in the real world, little attention has been given to examining different attractors surrounding the interactive public display, i.e., people, artifacts, and stimuli that compete for people's attention in the urban settings and distract them from interacting with public displays.

This paper reports on a systematic examination of attractors around a case study of an interactive urban display in London. We outline our initial spatial exploration with the aim to identify suitable locations for the placement of the interactive public display within the urban setting, followed by an observation of attractors and stimuli around the urban display. We then highlight the main attractors that compete for people's attention and distract them from potentially interacting with the public display. Finally, we note our attempts to integrate the public display within its setting.

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