Between the end of July and the beginning of October 2013 I, Mariano Equizzi, Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi and Luca Liggio, the three authors in collective KOMPLEX, carried out an online discussion with the aim of analyzing the design process that led to the creation and development of the project 28.

We preferred an asynchronous dialogue, based on the exchange of comments, multimedia content, texts in review mode, so as to take the time necessary to identify together the topics of greatest interest and discuss it on several occasions, on the basis of the stimuli and doubts that emerged from time to time during the various asynchronous multimodal interactions. What emerged was a text in progress and here we report the current form that we have developed for simplicity in the traditional model of the interview, so as to return to the linearity and sequentiality of the multidirectional flow of thoughts mediated by different communication systems used in the process of self-reflection that I had the pleasure of moderating.

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