28, the augmented reality movie by Komplex, is a perfect example of “Postcinema”, a “cinema after the cinema”. A cinema expanded and augmented by technologies that allow the audience to partecipate and performe the storytelling.

The article takes into consideration the production 28 from the structural point of view. Focuses of the analysis are the cinematic aspects and cross-media elements that contribute to a high-technological product, which structures its narration by means of asite- specific storytelling form unfolded throughout the urban texture.

In this particular moment of cultural evolution, from mass media to digital media, the space factor is gaining a considerable relevance: especially the relationship between mediated and physical space is of particular interest because it recalls the archetypal figure of the labyrinth, and at the same time it involves the latest technologies of communication, from the various forms of digital gaming to the augmented reality.

The text analyzes the work of artists who use augmentation, information and immersion in specifc contexts—public or private spaces. The aim of the analysis is to understand socio-cultural transformations in the felds of art and technology in social space and what new forms of aggregation and participation have developed, providing an opportunity to reflect on new concepts of democracy that are emerging in our global media age.

Between the end of July and the beginning of October 2013 I, Mariano Equizzi, Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi and Luca Liggio, the three authors in collective KOMPLEX, carried out an online discussion with the aim of analyzing the design process that led to the creation and development of the project 28.

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