Today textile materials perform a great number of functions in various fields. In architecture they are widely used for roofs and tensile structures; in our houses we find them in curtains and furniture covers. It is on façades, however, that their great potential can especially be shown. Textile materials used as cladding can soften the surrounding space, they can shelter from the sun or help the light filter; they can be luminescent, colourful, or iridescent.

Because of their properties, textile materials can be diversely used in the applications of façades, both as shielding – thus facilitating energy conservation – and in relation to the environment and the people – thus employing the façade either as a support for advertisement and information, or as an urban screen or a Landmark.
In the course of this paper, we shall analyse a case study that makes use of textile materials on façades; indeed, these textile materials allow for the creation of a prototype of kinetic façade which uses smart materials.

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