"Aequilibrium - The last guardian of Leonardo" is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) designed to experiment with creative solutions for cultural heritage. It is a transmedia and location-based experience that engages players in an adventure that blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, digital and physical spaces, fictional characters and real people from the local community.

Aequilibrium offers useful insights for those who are interested in digital and interactive media and their relationship with physical space, especially in relation to the theme of engagement in the new augmented spaces (Manovich, 2006) and hyperconnected places (De Souza, 2011; Farman, 2012). Starting from the analysis of the Aequilibrium project and the experience of the players, this article elaborates on some of the dimensions needed to understand how games and transmedia strategies may be employed in the creation of digital engagement in new hyper mediated habitats (Bolter, Grusin, 2002). Furthermore the article focuses on how the game promotes participation in the narrative construction of experience, through cultural activators able to foster collaboration, collective intelligence and creative grassroots production.

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