Giò Ponti used to say that architecture is a crystal, something extremely frail but at the same  time characterized by a unique and durable beauty. This is the fundamental principle of the Lasvit, a company founded in 2007 within the productive area of the Czech Republic: the Bohemia.

The will of the founder Leon Jakimic was to renovate the ancient bohemian tradition using new techniques and new applications. For this reason he decided to collaborate with the most important local and international designers, such as Philippe Starck, Ross Lovegrove and Nendo.
The results of this collaboration were incredible: thanks to the skills of the master glaziers in combination with the coloured led technology, Lasvit created huge installations inside the most important hotels, museums, galleries and airports. For example, one of the last creations presented at the “FuoriSalone” of Milan was the “Liquidkristal”, an high precision process of heat transfer on a plate creating organic glass panels, perfect for big architectural installations. This technique is able to create any kind of mathematical described pictures that may be looped creating a pattern that seems flow through the building’s or installation’s walls. The paper will describe the new technologies created by Lasvit through the study and the analysis of the main works of the company.

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