Screencity International Academic Journal #2 offers a series of arguments from different disciplines but thickly intertwined. The title of this issue contains the three main topics around which was launched in July 2013, the call for papers: Colour, Environment, Interactive Media. The three main topics give to the authors a very wide space for action within which they can merge contributions from different disciplines: architecture, design, art, sociology, communication and so on.

The final result is a journal in which you may find scientific articles on colour in architecture: design, effects, interpretations, new technologies (Tarajko-kowalska, Rennie, Brustolon-De Monte); interventions of architecture and art and their relationships with the surrounding environment or the contemporary city (Scavuzzo, Castiglione, Barbara, Elastic Group); media architecture, interactive installations and Alternate Reality Game (Gregoris, Martini, Bertone-Morreale).

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