The smart mobility is one of the prerequisites for the effective implementation of a smart city.
The road network and infrastructure of cities and especially Italian ones is either a tangle from which there is no escape, or a weak rope on which you try to move from one point to another while keeping balance.
Often to get a smart mobility, what is needed is the optimal management of information about the infrastructure in the territory.

The cloud of informative alphanumeric data can be managed with different types of systems and supports, according to their purpose. In recent years, as a result of the raised awareness of these themes, very interesting work and research projects were developed at international level, which see to the smart city and mobility with an eye very close to that of the citizen, designing smart parking systems, managing waste storage areas in the city, carrying out intelligent management of urban greenery maintenance, and of course the control and regulation of road traffic in the city.
From the explanation of our experience in this project, we show how the formula to make intelligent mobility can not exclude the careful management of information systems.

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