In urban public outdoor space, the possibility to define multi-functional islands, to create “fusion” of socialization, leisure and work spaces ‒ for example lounges with wireless connectivity, quiet corners to work as well as areas for socializing and relax … ‒ reduces isolation and increases innovation opportunities. The development of electronic live/work areas and villages is becoming an attractive option for the rehabilitation of open space in historic and post-industrial cities.

There are multiple application fields: pedestrian spaces, streets and meeting points, “relaxation” places, commercial spaces, multi-functions spaces, structures for temporary demonstrations or for urban art.
The importance of public space is highlighted in providing support that can facilitate the different types of social interaction with new media technologies, to overcome the digital divide in deprived neighborhoods.
A neglected dimension of the multimedia in European open space is the sound. The soundscape design corresponds to the visual design field of landscape design. Sound sculptures and sound digital installations can create symbiotic landscapes and contribute to the atmosphere of space to the creation of a livable and intelligent physical environment.

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