Colour, Environment Interactive Media

May - August 2013
Ed. by Alessandro Premier
ISSN 2281-1516

Such an effort mirrors the progressive development of the whole Screencity project, reflecting therefore the articulation of its internal structure: from summer 2013 Screencity enhanced its two-fold vocation toward academia on the one hand, and field application on the other. Screencity Journal plays a crucial role as far as the former is concerned, while the brand new Screencity Lab association intends to bring to completion a 360-degree intervention in more practical terms.

Thus, Screencity Journal’s renovated organization resembles the fruitful synergy between practice and theoretical speculation; from this second issue on, project analysis, technical overviews, as well as critical and creative articles collected in the Journal undergo a double blind peer review process that homologates the publication to the highest national and international standards in the field.

Such changes do not only represent technical and internal procedures, but they are rather meant to be the founding principles of a professional and ethical framework, which characterizes Screencity project. They are shared here with everyone who has accepted to be part of it as author, Advisory Board member, and referee, in the hope they would also be appreciated by our readers.

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