City Space and Informational City

January - April 2013
Eds. by Simone Arcagni, Miriam De Rosa, Katia Gasparini
ISSN 2281-1516

Therefore, the first issue of Screencity gathers essays and reflections developed within different research fields: architecture, city planning, and media studies. They represent interesting surveys conducted after cultural models and referring to theoretical frameworks, blending scientific desk analysis and field researches, which moves their steps in the multifaceted thinking about the contemporary metropolis and new technologies. The premisses of this issue are indeed based on the observation and on the evolution of urban landscape that is progressively shaped as a cultural landscape by hyper-technologies. This is the very dimension with which our cities will inevitably confront and will have to plan integrative solutions.

Which role do new technologies play in this evolution? What elements (city, architecture, urban landscape, etc.) are culturally and scientifically involved in this trend? The essays published in this opening issue of Screencity provide an approach to tackle these elements, offering a wide range of angles featuring the perspective adopted throughout the diverse contributions: cultural analysis of the evolution characterizing construction typologies and communication technologies, formalization of technical solutions to apply to the city, analysis of the models framing smart cities and of the questions dealing with their sustainability.

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