SCJ # 4 edited by Simone Arcagni gathers the proceedings of the symposium "Spaces, Images, Communication: Improving New Urban Models" in the framework of Screen City – Moving Image Festival 2013, which took place from October 25th to October 27th in Stavanger, Norway.

What is hidden behind definitions such as ubiquitous computing, locative media, pervasive computing? What new urban space is defined with screens and new technologies?

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Screencity Journal launches its first special issue – a special number conceived to explore a specific theme or project that highlights interesting aspects intersecting, enhancing and questioning Screencity main topics.
The selected themes or projects foster a deeper debate and just for this reason we think they deserve to be analyzed with a particular attention. That is the logic driving us towards 28 Komplex, a peculiar case study that gives the chance to approach a number of meaningful topics to which Screencity first special issue is dedicated.

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After the warm welcome received by issue 1, Screencity Journal launches its second volume which represents the elaboration of many comments, suggestions and observations gathered from very numerous, stimulating and generous readers. Screencity editorial staff tried to take on the challenge of offering an updated, high quality and scientifically rigorous publication, preserving and fostering its original aims – namely, provide a specific though interdisciplinary insight about the fascinating relationship between contemporary urban environment, new technologies and media.

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The first issue of Screencity Journal, a four-monthly online publication, opens up a multidisciplinary analysis of contemporary urban space, which will be the recognizable core throughout the issues to come; the keywords of this attempt will be new communication, technologies and the city, architectural and environmental technologies, informatics and digital tools for the perception of landscape and human environment, mobility and smart city.

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