Screencity Journal #6 - call for papers
Peer reviewed journal
Framing Videomapping. Experiences across architecture and cinema
Marcello Arosio, Miriam De Rosa ed.

In a recent study devoted to software studies, Matthew Fuller (2008) quotes Ludwig Wittgenstein's idea that "to imagine a language is to imagine a form of life". The sixth issue of Screencity Journal does not address philosophical or animistic questions but rather intends to explore videomapping as a technique and a language that gives new life both to architecture and moving images.

From a technical point of view, videomapping as a practice poses a number of issues regarding perception, sense of materiality and of involvement. The relation between virtual and physical space is challenged by the intervention on the architectural element through the use of moving image and its 3d effect.

From a theoretical point of view, videomapping puts forth the necessity to take into account the new logics regulating the heterogeneous filmic forms, which explicitly alter the traditional cinematic dispositif. Videomapping represents therefore a formidable example of the recent debate about the development of cinema-based practices leading on the one hand to the so called "end of cinema" (Gaudreault, Marion 2013, among others), and on the other hand to the attempt at formalizing the concept of postcinema.

Mixing the technical and theoretical perspectives, key-questions are thus: what kinds of artistic, linguistic, and practical possibilities are enabled by videomapping? What are the potentialities of such practice beyond special effects?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Best practices in videomapping
  • Technical aspects in videomapping
  • Videomapping and Software Studies
  • Videomapping and performance/theatrical elements
  • VJing and liveliness
  • Videomapping and sound
  • Videomapping and visuals
  • Linguistic influences and videomapping
  • Expressive aspects in videomapping
  • Videomapping and architecture: media building and surfaces
  • Videomapping and site-specificity
  • Media Studies and videomapping: frames and categories
  • Festivals and initiatives devoted to videomapping or including specific sections

The volume intends to collect experimental testimonies, suggestions and observations from artists and practitioners as well. For this reason, additional material, such as description or links to ongoing projects, case studies, curatorial philosophy are also welcome. Kernel Platform will be the starting point for this section, whose aim is to provide a space for creative exploration and to enable further discussion.

Authors are invited to submit a 500 words proposal composed of: title, abstract, keywords (max 4), tags, 3 bibliographical references. Please attach current affiliation and a short biographical note (max 150 words).

Before submitting your proposal, please read carefully the paper submission guidelines at

Proposals are to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by December 30, 2014.

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