Screencity Journal, 3 Issue 2013
Peer reviewed journal
Simone Arcagni ed.


Cinematic Augmented Experience: 28 by Komplex (edited by Simone Arcagni) is the first special issuer of Screencity Journal.
28 is a movie totally realized with Augmented Reality technology. Indeed, the spectator/user is going to find the places where the storytelling is spread, throughout the city of Turin, and geo-located by means of a map and a smartphone or a tablet. The spectator/user is going to create his own urban itinerary and, at the same time, his own storytelling project. Our editorial board could not avoid focusing its attention on this particular cinematic and urban experience. Thanks to what is now a long-way collaboration, Screencity supported the director Mariano Equizzi and the producers Paolo Bigazzi and Luca Liggio right from the start of this “adventure”.

This special issue collects some refections and notes, with the aim of opening up a fruitful and rich discussion with our readers about 28 and those themes that the project evokes, triggering an interesting mirroring between its specifcities and Screencity elective keywords.


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